Ordering a taxi in Netanya

In Netanya, taxis are Kiryat Hasharon

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Kiryat Hasharon Netanya taxis
Application for ordering a taxi

Application for ordering a taxi

Order a taxi

An application for ordering an advanced taxi that locates a taxi using a smart system

Payment by credit
Any address in the country
24/7 service
Taxis and deliveries
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Order a taxi online

So simple to order a taxi

הזמנת מונית אונליין

Hho we are

Taxi station in Netanya

private customers
private customers
Nationwide taxi service Order a taxi online, app or by phone
Business Customers
Business Customers
Supplying taxis to large companies and organizations in the Netanya area. The taxi is already waiting for you downstairs
Taxi driver
Taxi driver
Come and join us there are trips both in cash and on credit